Dear Reader,

There’s a conversation in the movie, “City Slickers,” about everyone having one thing that’s more important than anything else. (This is where you hold up one finger.) THE most important thing to you. 

It’s hard, right? I’d much rather hold up three fingers than just one. My three fingers would be:

  • giving God glory by serving His kids;
  • loving on my family (one husband, one cat, two kids, and two granddaughters);
  • and writing.
When Daddy died we found letters I’d written him while he was on the road when I was in 1st grade. (Yikes, that’s been more than a minute ago.) Point is, I’ve loved writing nearly my whole life, and now I’m blessed to write for people like you, Dear Reader.
I’m super glad you stopped by, and hope you’ll take a look at some of my stories under the “An Open Book,” and “Blog” tabs. Better yet, drop me a line at to let me know which ones resonate most with you. In the meantime . . . 


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Have you ever landed in a place that was completely foreign to you? Did you feel like a fish out of water? That’s exactly how Jubilee Shelley felt when he arrived at Washington Middle School. Nothing about his new life felt familiar, not home, school, or the people in his neighborhood. How was he ever going to fit in?

Follow Jubilee as he learns somethings don’t change no matter where you are. Tap into Jubilee and others at Washington Middle School as they discover they’re not alone in dealing with “issues” in their lives. Celebrate when the most unlikely of people choose to take risks in looking beyond how things are to how they can be.

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