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I’m Alice, also known as Allie, and I love to write, from letters to blog posts to books.

I’m a transplanted Southern gal, who’s blessed to have recently retired from a rewarding career in education and downsized from a home I loved. 

Life was pretty good before, but now, it’s great, and more God-filled than ever before! 

My joy is found in Jesus and finding ways to encourage His kids. 

My prayer is that if you need a faith booster, a chuckle, or a dose of hope you’ll be able to find it here at Allie’s Praise! 

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What my faithful dear readers think...

Alice, I loved reading your thoughts on the account of Deborah. I Especially liked the line where you said “God’s power isn’t limited by us.” Thank goodness He isn’t limited by me or my thinking and actions. I also wanted to let you know that tomorrow at #TuneInThursday you will be featured as one of the most clicked post. Congratulations. Oh, and yes, sometimes I do feel like Deborah. 🙂
What a beautiful story, Allie, and how sweet of God to give you a holy moment to witness it. Keeping my eyes and heart open to holy moments today!
Alice, yes! It doesn’t take much to offer encouragement to another … and we usually never know the difference we made their day.
I love your emphasis on holy MOMENTS. Too often we think they have to be big, well-planned events. But the Spirit wants to move us DAILY, in the moment. Thanks, Alice. I love this story, too. The simple things are often the most profound.

Thank you, Alice, for calling us to step out in obedience, even when the challenge seems to be beyond us. It probably is but if God calls us, He will surely equip us with all that is needed. Thank you & blessings!