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Hey, there! My name is Alice Walters, a Southern gal who’s devoting her life to faith, family, and empowering kids. Five years ago I retired from public education. I was crazy enough to think my days of intense learning were over…wrong! 

Thanks to your visits, I’ve been learning about writing, and social media, and researching. Not that I didn’t know anything before, but writing for you really motivated me to up my game. That’s a good thing since I’m in the final stages of getting my second manuscript, Jubilee and the Stinky Fish, ready for the agents.

Recently, I retired from a small faith-based school. And guess what? I’m looking forward to learning even more about the tools of writing. Thank you for choosing to continue the journey with me. I hope you will find encouragement and inspiration, as much or more than you encouraged and inspired me.

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Ways My Faith Works for Me:

          Family                                   Kids’ Outreach                         Writing

Education & Experience

  • Three degrees in education
  • 30 + years of diverse experiences in education 
  • Professional development speaker
  • At risk kids outreach
  • Author, blogger
  • Event planner
  • Volunteer 


One husband, Tom, married for several decades


Three adult kids, Mary,
James & Rachael

What do I like to write?

  • Children’s stories
  • Blog posts
  • Scripture reflections (Don’t you love journals!)
  • Devotionals
  • Notes & letters (yes, the kind you actually mail)
  • Newsletter articles
  • Research papers (Nerd alert!)



One extremely spoiled cat, Maisie

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Two granddaughters, Annalyn & Gracie


And Harper makes three!