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My name is Alice, a Southern gal who’s devoting her life to learning, growing, and sharing faith, hope, and humor that are found in Jesus. 

Our son says we put the “fun” in dysfunctional, and maybe that’s true…once in a while. The rest of the time, our family’s support and inspiration empower me to seek and serve to bring God the glory.   

My prayer is that some of that glory will splash all over you, and you’ll come back for more. I’d love for us to journey together to increasingly greater faith, hope, and joy.

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and then there's the real deal.

Don’t let all those smiles in the pics below fool you, Dear Reader! This happy camper spent years battling depression, when smiles were few and far between. But God is so good!

I tell hubby, Tom, he’ll need a little red wagon in heaven to carry around all the crowns he’s earned by living with me over four decades. (Yes, Tom and I were infants when we married<:) Tom and the Lord make a great team holding what used to be a hot mess named Alice together. 

I like to think their love and patience now  spills over onto those around me. And I praise God for showing up in the hard places, including an urban alternative school where He started breaking my heart for others in my world. Students, whose worlds were filled with poverty, abuse, hunger, and anger, taught me more about loving and giving (and a whole new vocabulary) than any pastor had.

When I’m not writing, I spend too much time on social media and video games. I start sewing and painting projects that sometimes get finished, and sometimes not. I love decorating shows and magazines, and trying out their ideas in our space probably more than Tom would like.


A book ministry visit introduced me to these delightful girls.
Sis treating me to birthday lunch at a "girly" bistro.
This sister of my soul has loved me through plenty of hot messes.
Granddaughter Annalyn's class book visit was the absolute best.

 Tom and I started as “Star Wars” fans on the big screen, and grew into MCU. Streaming channels have enabled my bingeing tendencies with shows like “NCIS” (‘cuz Mark Harmon is still pretty cute), “Madam Secretary”,  and yes, I’ll admit to “Chrisley Knows”, (Who’s really running the show?). 

My happy place is our home when the kids and grandkids gather for a meal and to hang out. I love that we still watch the “Claymation Christmas Special” because we always have. I love that we’ve been making burritos together since  we had them the first time at a “dive” Mexican restaurant that’s still a family fav forty years later. Family means traditions, large and small, to us.

By God’s grace I’m not the hot mess I was for years, but still not quite altogether. I’m thankful Jesus invited me on this journey of faith, hope, and humor. (We’re created in God’s image, so surely that means He has a sense of humor, too, right?)

I’m thrilled you stopped by today, Dear Reader! My prayer is every visit will bless you with exactly what you are looking for in the moment.

What readers are saying about Allie's Praise

Alice, I loved reading your thoughts on the account of Deborah. I Especially liked the line where you said “God’s power isn’t limited by us.” Thank goodness He isn’t limited by me or my thinking and actions. I also wanted to let you know that tomorrow at #TuneInThursday you will be featured as one of the most clicked post. Congratulations. Oh, and yes, sometimes I do feel like Deborah. 
Alice, yes! It doesn’t take much to offer encouragement to another … and we usually never know the difference we made their day.
I love your emphasis on holy MOMENTS. Too often we think they have to be big, well-planned events. But the Spirit wants to move us DAILY, in the moment. Thanks, Alice. I love this story, too. The simple things are often the most profound.

What a beautiful story, Allie, and how sweet of God to give you a holy moment to witness it. Keeping my eyes and heart open to holy moments today!


Thank you, Alice, for calling us to step out in obedience, even when the challenge seems to be beyond us. It probably is but if God calls us, He will surely equip us with all that is needed. Thank you & blessings!