Allie’s Kids Outreach Ministry – Allie’s Praise…

Allie’s Kids was created to connect with kids who may not have much encouragement or hope in their lives. Serving in an urban school district for over ten years provided the motivation I needed to reach out to kids in a tangible way, helping them to know that Every Kid Counts. My goal is to share messages of love, hope and forgiveness with kids, starting with the stories in my book,  
Life with Bobby and Bonnie.

Allie’s Praise

My prayer for you, Dear Reader, is that in the pages of Allie’s Praise you will find something to inspire you, encourage you, and maybe even a cause you to laugh. Please join me in discovering new way we can bring Him glory.


Life with Bobby and Bonnie was self-published in September, 2014 through Xulon Press. Hundreds of copies have been given to at risk kids. 


Read & Gives


Visits with urban and at risk kids began at my former elementary school. “Read & Give” visits have continued in elementary schools and other urban settings in the Midwest where each child is given their own copy of Life with Bobby and Bonnie