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Thanks for stopping by, Dear Reader! I’m Alice and I love to write. My joy is found in Jesus and finding ways to encourage His kids. My prayer is that if you need a faith booster, a chuckle, or a dose of hope you’ll be able to find it at Allie’s Praise.

Recent Blog Posts
(A Way with Words)

Dear Reader, do you remember when we had pen pals? We actually sat with pen and paper to write and learn about someone in the distance. 

I remember how excited I was to learn in second grade that I could write a letter or postcard, send it to someone I loved, and they would send one back. Maybe because of their rarity, I am still thrilled to receive a handwritten message in the mail. How about you?

One Word 365: Still
My Father is working still.
Have you noticed, Dear Reader, that the world around you seems to come into sharper focus when you are still? When my brain slows down, when I am still, there seem to be discoveries waiting to be savored. 

As much as I enjoy the Lord’s presence when I am still I think I drawer closer to Him in the crazy. When the craziness of life’s tasks and trials threaten to overwhelm, I can rely on the stillness of the Lord.


What I’m loving these days is/are…

  • regular fellowship with my Beta Team.
  • lunch dates with friends.
  • cooler weather and walks with Tom.
  • pulling out jeans & sweaters.
  • ​Christmas shopping!

Something I’ve learned lately is…

  • I can cook without salt.
  • picnicking with kids is still fun.
  • be careful how much Oxi-Clean you use to clean carpet stains.
  • for novice investors, watching the market too closely can make you a little crazy.

I’m looking forward to…

  • our Colorado vacation to enjoy friends and Rocky Mountains.
  • finishing Gracie’s quilt.
  • reading on the balcony.
  • completion of Beta-Team edits.
  • ​reconnecting with blogging colleagues.