An Open Book: obedience

Dear Reader, may I articulate what many of us Christ-followers have felt at one time or another? Good. Here goes: “Obedience can just plain suck!” Yep, I said it. If that has never applied to you, please feel free to skip the rest of the post.

Have you seen “The Graduate” (1967)? I saw it once after my married sister assured Mama and Daddy there wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle in it.

Do you remember the final scene? Here it is, just in case. 

Fast forward over five decades. While trying to be obedient, reframe my words to you, the scene flashed before my eyes.

I’d love to say I pictured myself as the beautiful Katherine Ross. Alas, I was the screaming Dustin Hoffman, seeing the fabulous, elusive bride, finally figuring out what he wanted, and utterly frustrated in not knowing how to make her his own.

That’s been me with my website and technology lately. Has anyone else felt like Dustin recently?

Here’s today’s takeaway. Are you ready? Two things to remember in life (Yes, I know there’s obviously more than two.): 

  • Life is about making connections. (I won’t bore you with any research.) The more connections and similarities we can discover, the more our worlds can make sense.
  • Life is better with humor; it takes the edge off the grim and grime of life.
There you have it, Dear Reader. Sometimes obedience sucks, but looking for connections (especially with God’s plan for our lives), and a little humor can make it suck a little less.


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