An Open Book: transparency

Does God talk to you, Dear Reader? Maybe He whispers into your spirit, or at times, screams into your brain.

God talks to me, too.

I’m not saying that to brag or to say I’m anything special; I’m not. Still, I’m thankful the Lord chooses to speak to me in a way I can understand. During the recent Lenten season, He spoke to me about transparency.

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Okay, there it is: me being transparent. For years I’ve wanted to say “out loud” that God talks to me, but that’s kind of scary. My own family usually shake their heads or roll their eyes when I start a sentence with, “God told me . . . ” 

So, Dear Reader, God told me I need to get over myself. Stop writing very formal (can we say “stuffy?”) entries for you. You certainly don’t need me to try and impress you, right? 

God also said I need to streamline. What! Less words? But God, you’ve called me to be a writer. I love words! I’m really going to try, Dear Reader, but just one more thing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Please email me directly at:  (because I usually forget to check comments>:). I can’t wait to visit one-on-one with you.


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