Do you consider barriers to be roadblocks or gateways?

Am I the only one who is amazed every day at the antics of some drivers during commutes? I’ll admit it, I’m not the best driver on the road. Howver, I think, like most drivers, I try to obey the rules of the road. Then there’s a few folks who drive like they’ve been hit with a stupid stick. I don’t think they’ve learned how to tell if barriers in life are roadblocks or gateways. What about you, Dear Reader, do you think barriers are roadblocks or gateways?

Don't look for shortcuts to God.The market is flooded with surefire, easygoing formulas for a successful life that can be practiced in your spare time. Don't fall for that stuff, even though crowds of people do. The way to life-to God!- is vigorous and requires total attention. Matthew 7: 13-14 MSG

During one morning commute, a minor accident quickly brought rush hour traffic grinding to a halt for nearly an hour. The commute was more challenging because alternate routes quickly clogged with three additional accidents, two with injuries.

If you get hung up in a traffic jam, Dear Reader, how do you pass the time? After calling work, checking email and weather forecast, it was online games or watch the morning rush hour comedy show going on around me.

Not long into the traffic hold up, I was surprised to see some drivers start down an entrance ramp to the highway. Then, amazingly, they would  stop and TRY TO BACK UP THE RAMP. There were some who got in the right-hand lane and did u-turns so they could HEAD UP THE ENTRANCE RAMPS.  Obviously, in their frustration those drivers forgot or ignored that going the wrong way on a ramp is flat out dangerous.

Eventually police arrived to block entrance ramps until trucks with roadblocks came on the scene. Believe it or not, there were a few who still insisted on going back up the ramps and skirting the roadblocks as soon as the police left. . . WOWZERS! Couldn’t they tell whether the barriers were roadblocks or gateways to safety?

Call me a big old chicken, but I saw absolutely no advantage to risking a car accident or citation by skirting those roadblocks. Sitting tight in miles and miles of other trapped cars then getting to work late, but safe was a much better gateway to a good day for me.

People think that whatever they do is right, but the Lord judges the reasons for everything they do.
​Proverbs 21:2 ERV

Unfortunately, there are still times I don’t weigh the effects of bypassing real barriers in life. Remembering barriers can be gateways to better outcomes helps me avoid following the pack turning left, and turning right instead.  Does anybody in the house ever get in a hurry or arrogant too? Or forget as adults we don’t always have to allow the actions of others dictate ours?

Somestimes I allow frustration and anger over the actions of others to blind me to God’s hand in the mix. I judge others for not recognizing barriers can be God running interference for them. But, Dear Reader, isn’t that exactly what I’m doing, not seeing God’s barrier as a gateway to blessings for me? Why don’t I just trust that God wants to open every gateway possible in my path even if they sometimes look like barriers.

All of us have to deal with  barriers  from time to time. Is it harder to trust God’s wisdom and mercy, or to figure out if they are meant to protect us from danger or promote danger? When you encounter barriers, Dear Reader, how do you determine your next move? How do you change your perspective of a barrier from seeing a roadblock into seeing one of God’s gateways?

Do I see barriers as roadblocks or gateways?

2 thoughts on “Do you consider barriers to be roadblocks or gateways?”

    1. Dear Paula, I apologize for this most tardy response. I’m still on a learning curve with my newish site>:

      Isn’t it fun being on the “more mature” side of a certain age? Some things seem so much clearer now than at earlier times, including barriers. As the Lord continues to grow my trust, it becomes more and more exciting to see how He (and He alone) can change those barriers into gateways.

      Thanks & blessings for your patience and continuing to stop by!

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