Are there support groups for Candy Crush? 


I have a severe addiction to ‘Angry Birds.’ I always tell myself, ‘One more game…’ But then there’s always another and another and another.

Kevin Nealon

My name is Alice and I’m addicted to Candy Crush Saga.  After years of being a computer/video/tech game snob, I’m hooked.  There, I’ve said it!  Are you happy now?

I used to think only those lame people who had too much time on their hands played “those stupid games”.  And then I got the new phone . . . Guess who’s lame now?

What exactly is the attraction?  I took so many psychology courses in college I could probably have a minor, so I should be able to figure out my personal addiction, right?

But wait, what about all that down time in lines at Walmart, or while the laundry finishes drying or in between classes? Oh good, now I’m addicted and rationalizing. 


You’d think I’d get help from the fam . . . NOT!
Even the granddaughter taunts me, “Allie, my dad is on level ??? on Candy Crush.  What level are you on?” 

And then, are you ready for this?  At an Easter gathering, you know, with the people I love most and who have dealt with the backlash of addictions, they start talking about “Trivia Crack“.

Okay, we’re all about “trivia” in our family, had the whole shelf in the hall closet full of Trivial Pursuit games at one time.  Are we a bunch of nerds, or what? I should have seen it coming when they started whipping out their phones.  My sister was playing Trivia Crack while we were engaged in a rousing game of Uno.

PAUSE: Am I the only person on the planet who did not know that nearly every card/box (hands on) game is available in an app?  Duuuhhh!

Back on topic: how does something seemingly innocent become such a distraction?  Is it addiction or merely an indulgence?  Can our indulgences be all bad?

Guess what? I don’t know the answers to those questions.  I do know what works for me is trying to maintain a balance between the “need tos” and the “want tos”, and remembering that life without either one can have negative consequences for me and those I share my life with.

Do you have a personal indulgence or distraction? How do you manage to keep it in balance?

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Psalm 73:1-2 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
God is so good to Israel,
    to those whose hearts are pure.
But I almost slipped and lost my balance.
    I almost fell into sin.

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  1. I used to play Candy Crush WAY too much. I ended up deleting it from my phone, so that even if I wanted to play it again, I wouldn’t because I erased all my ‘progress’. For me, it was a matter of recognizing that if the evil one cannot destroy, he will settle with distracting. I can honestly say, that I don’t miss the game one bit 🙂

  2. I’ll admit I was hooked on it too. The only thing that stopped me was I got stuck on Level 68 and CANNOT get past it. I gave up. I do think we need things occasionally to relax with and let our minds just chill out LOL

  3. Oh my gosh, yes! I’ve been addicted to Frozen Free Fall (like Candy Crush) lately. My husband reset my phone and yet I still went ahead and started back over on this game. Ack!

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