For a while I was so focused on preparation and passion for teaching, that I was missing what God was calling me to do.  

We are all cut from the same cloth, flawed and needy. What does forgiveness look like to you, from both sides?           Despite exhaustion from fishing all night, an undercurrent of exhilaration ran through the group

Life is full of the unexpected. Just look at the past year. What do you do to regain a sense of normalcy?             “I don’t get it, Peter,” Andrew said, tossing nets into the brothers’ fishing boat. “First, Jesus meets

Does life ever get you down, Dear Reader? You’re not the only one! What helps you move on to the next right thing?             “Andrew, what do you think about John’s talk of repentance?”            

Have you ever struggled with a new device? And then a child comes along and knows exactly what to do…           “Jesus, aren’t you ready for a break yet?” Nathaniel asked, looking around for a place to sit.           “A

Service isn’t just about the hands; it’s also about the heart. Sometimes service can be down and dirty.            “Jesus, how did you score this sweet deal?” Peter said around a mouthful of lamb and bread.