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Life with Bobby and Bonnie shares lessons about life, using the charming characters of bunny twins. Their adventures and misadventures, along with their family and friends help them to learn about the unconditional love of Jesus Christ, the hope and forgiveness that
can be found in Him. 

In the Works…


Jubilee and the Stinky Fish is off to folks from children’s book publishers who are accepting submissions from the SCBWI conference last fall. Your prayers for his journey to readers are cherished.

What could this band of misfits possibly have in common except attending Washington Middle School?  One is trying to understand how he could have viciously assaulted his best friend. Another is trying to come to grips with her brother’s murder. One can barely read a lick but can belt out a song. Still, others are dealing with grief, poverty, and neglect, learning issues, bullying. Times are hard at Washington Middle School. 

When a tornado displaces a small town, squeaky clean, white kid to an urban middle school, the last thing on his mind was changing the school’s culture from one of poverty and anger to one of hope and promise.

Visit Jubilee on his website for more info.


PictureI kinda like this image, what about you?

… and Jesus laughed is realistic fiction for youth and adults, using the Gospels as a springboard. I was excited to meet with a publisher during our recent trip to Orlando. Praying for God’s divine direction. In the meantime, there’s still some polishing to be done. (Not to mention a decades-old household to pack and move!)

Sometimes you’ve just got to lighten up! Who wants to hang out with a guy without a sense of humor? Can we be arrogant enough, desperate enough to imagine humanity in the Son of God that allowed Him to find humor among us, laughing with His children (not at them)? Join me as we look at the life of Jesus through a whole new lens.