Boxed In

It took four months to pack all those boxes. The movers billed us for over a hundred, plus nearly that many that we personally moved. Did I really think they’d all get unpacked in a week?


That double-car garage seemed plenty big, in theory, for holding ALL THOSE BOXES. I knew we were in trouble with the first trip to the new place.

Our basement in the house had lots of free-standing shelves. My first brilliant idea was to line the circumference of the new garage with those shelves so we could sort as we went and get things off the floor.

What also seemed like a good idea was to take the most important, most fragile boxes before the actual moving day, along with the shelves. Guess where all of those boxes went? Do you see where this is going?

While Mary and I were trying to get a jump on putting things away in the living space, the movers were packing the garage with those hundred plus boxes.

​Honestly, Dear Reader, I wasn’t sure the garage door  was going to shut. I thought I’d made a good start at downsizing. It seemed like we were getting rid of so much excess baggage. Apparently we still have a loooonnnggg way to go.

​Spring cleaning is in hyper-drive this year, isn’t it, Dear Reader?

I have a big confession. On the days I have major task to tackle, like spring cleaning or unpacking tons of boxes, I have a tendency to forget to do the most important thing: start the day with Jesus. 

I’m hoping the next time I’m tempted to deal with being boxed in with chores, I’ll remember what’s really important.

Now I have given up everything else—I have found it to be the only way to really know Christ and to experience the mighty power that brought him back to life again…
​Philippians 3:10a  TLB

I’m relieved to say Tom & I can see the floor and all the walls in the garage. Oh, we’re not finished, but it’s a good start. Aren’t we thankful God’s willing to work with us where we are, and sticks with us to the finish line?
Prayers for a week full of grace,

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