Dear Aunt Nell: Back to School Blessings

Dear Aunt Nell,
Several of my friends have said they stopped checking social media because in our currently crazy world, it’s so negative. I guess that’s true a lot of times.

But more often than not, social media gives me the boost I need. Like this week…


whatever school looks like, kids are back at it! (Don’t even get me started on the mammoth amount of stress on teachers and families this year who are just trying to do the right thing for kids!!!)

All over social media were the scrubbed and combed and happy faces of youngsters with their milestone marker signs signaling the start of hopefully a new year of learning and growing.​ What a beacon of faith to see parents and kids starting what could be a potentially scary new adventure with such positive outlooks!

(Wow, look at all those exclamation points. Guess I’m a little excited about the start of school, too.)

When I saw your great-grandson, Beau’s, picture I grinned all over my face. What a handsome little guy! Does he look more like you or Uncle Clewis? Until I saw the pic I didn’t realize he’s just a year younger than our Gracie.

Wonder if those two will ever have the opportunity to meet. Who knows? Sissy found Kelsey online, then shared with me. It’s like looking at you with dark hair whenever I see Kelsey’s posts:)

 “But our families will continue; generation after generation will be preserved by your protection.”
​Psalm 102: 28 TLB


See? Social media can be a positive thing. Just in case you’re not online and didn’t see the first day of school for our little scholar, Gracie, here she is! I’m not sure what Mary did to make her smile since she hasn’t been too happy about doing the home school thing. 

Whether the kids are off to a brick and mortar school, or sitting around the kitchen table with mom this year, I pray God will bless all the students, teachers, families, and administrators this year. I hope He will bring an outpouring of grace and learning on every stakeholder in education so, as a nation, we can say this was the school year that made us stronger and better.

Okay, Aunt Nell, this is me climbing off my soapbox before I fall off. I hope you enjoy all the pics and notes I’m sure you’ll receive from Beau this school year; I know I’ll enjoy mine from Gracie. 

From a grandparent to a GREAT-grandparent…(virtual) hugs & kisses,

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