Dear Aunt Nell: On the Road Again

Dear Aunt Nell,
Tom and I are excited to hitting the road again for a vacation in Colorado! For years we’ve flown. It took years for Tom to let go of the wheel, but he finally figured out flying definitely has it advantages, except maybe this year…


with the virus concerns, it just seemed too big of a chance to take. More importantly, we would have to self-quarantine afterwards before we’d be able to see Annalyn and Adrienne. That makes driving for this vacation a no-brainer!

 What was it with those “Herndon Boys” and transportation! Cars, trucks, RVs, boats, motorcycles. Did it ever seem to you that they were competing with each other for the biggest, best, most extravagant? Well, dahhh!

I remember the time we were at Granddaddy’s when you, Uncle Clewis, and Trina showed up with two “new” cars. A Karmann Ghia for you and a Jaguar for Uncle Clewis! We all couldn’t wait to go outside and look, even if it was pitch dark.

​Didn’t matter whether it was dark or not, Uncle Clewis was thrilled to pile Buddy, Trina, and me into the backseat of the Karmann Ghia, and take us for a spin down a country dirt road on a hot Georgia night. We thought it was great fun! Mama…not so much.

Your own chariots race recklessly along the streets and through the squares, darting like lightning, gleaming like torches.
​Nahum 2: 4 TLB


Seems like we heard soon after that the Jaguar didn’t last very long. Just a little too tempting to be reckless perhaps. Kinda like Tom and a Camaro he had before we were  married. Story is he couldn’t afford to pay speeding tickets and car insurance. 

These days we drive Captain Kangaroo cars…you know, slow and steady wins the race. Well, maybe not actually slow, but nothing you’d see drag racing down an isolated piece of pavement. Good thing since I like low insurance premiums better than recklessly speeding through a summer night.

Good grief! When did I get to be such an ole phogey? 

What are some of your crazy memories from growing up, Aunt Nell? Do you think about them now and wonder how you ever survived to be an adult? Maybe all of us need a little mania in our memories so we appreciate common sense a little more. 

My common sense is telling me is time to finish making the remainder of our lodging reservations. I’m so excited to spend some time in the mountains. I’ll try to get some good pics to share with you. 

Hugs & kisses!

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