Dear Aunt Nell: What about s’mores?

Dear Aunt Nell,
Tom and I tried to be so practical when we were planning and downsizing for the move to our new home. At the time it seemed like we’d covered as many bases as possible. So much for best-laid plans.


Boy Scout Tom wasn’t too broken up about us giving up a fireplace in our new home. He was tired of spending more time getting the fireplace ready and cleaning it up than enjoying a fire. No prob! But now it’s fall.

Last week when Gracie came over she suddenly looked around the living area like she’d never seen it before. She turned around with a startled look on her face and asked, “Allie, what about s’mores?”

​No matter what, every fall Grandpa built a fire so the girls could roast marshmallows for s’mores. It’s been one of our family traditions. Gracie’s little face looked so pitiful when she realized we didn’t have a fireplace!

It pleases me that you continue to remember and honor me by keeping up the traditions of the faith I taught you. All actual authority stems from Christ.
1 Corinthians 11: 1-2 MSG


Aunt Nell, I’ll bet when you and Uncle Clewis and Trina moved from Thomasville to St. Pete, there were lots  changes that you hadn’t counted on. Downtown Thomasville always looked so beautiful at Christmas, in a very traditional way. Things probably seemed a lot different in your home on the Gulf (of Mexico). 

I love having family traditions! I love the predictability and the preparation they include. But even good changes can bring a departure from special family  customs. Maybe those changes are opportunities to grow our resilience and creativity.

​Thank goodness Adrienne Grace is such a little trooper! I told her this year we’d learn to make s’more brownies…and she was fine with that.

Mama and Daddy never told us exactly why you all moved to St. Pete. They did tell us about some of Uncle Clewis’s challenges when we were older. I’m not asking, Aunt Nell, but I’ve wondered over the years how many times you may have felt like the rug had been pulled out from under you.


Dear Aunt Nell, I owe you a huge thank you! You showed me what resilience, perseverance with grace can look like. S’mores may be the tip of the  iceberg of changes in  family traditions, and lots of other areas, that lie ahead for Tom and me. How much easier they will be, thanks to what I learned from you!

Reckon I better make that grocery list so Gracie and I have everything we need this weekend to try something new. 

Love you better ‘n chocolate!

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