Flip-Flop Weather!

Hey, Dear Reader, are you as ready for flip-flop season as I am? I just love wearing flip-flops! I keep a pair out in my closet year-round, just in case  there’s a freak warm day in January. But flip-flops can be a little problematic, too.
Maybe you’d think being a flip-flop person I’m also a pedicure person…wrong. For a while I thought I needed to have perfectly painted toenails in order to wear flip-flops. Again…wrong.

It’s hard to have a gorgeous pedicure when you’re missing the nails on your great toes. I know, wah, wah, wah. And this vain gal, Dear Reader, let that little detail keep me from doing something I enjoy. And again…wrong.

Who knows? Maybe it was a bit of maturity, or confidence, or even rebelliousness, but a few years ago I decided as long as my feet were clean, what did it really matter if my nails were painted?

You know what else I discovered, Dear Reader? I think the Lord likes to put little pleasures in our paths just to give Him and us joy. What do you think? What’s something you enjoy with no strings attached?

Turn my eyes from looking at vanities;
    and give me life in thy ways.
​Psalm 119: 37  RSV

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