Harvesting Psalms: Break of Day

God is within her, she will not fall;  God will help her at break of day.   Psalm 46:5  NIV

Sometimes it seems to me the world of science strives to create a dichotomy between research and labratories, and the wonder of observation and interaction. In school, we teach students that rainbows are created when light passes through water droplets at a certain angle. That may be accurate, but do you think Noah was asking himself how a rainbow was made when God gave it as a symbol of His promise never to flood the earth again?

I get it; our brains crave understanding. We want the world to make sense within the constraints of our knowledge. But what about wonder, amazement?

Have you seen a child’s face the first time she really sees  a rainbow, or a goldfish, or a mountain? Or what about the first time you saw and held your child. Do you recall that feeling of marvel? And maybe in its wake, a sense of hope began to stir within you.

Isn’t our first verse from the Book of Psalms that we’ve harvested, gathered in, great? I love that the NIV version uses the pronoun her, it makes it more personal to me. But what really gets my attention is that she/we can begin each day with hope that God is our constant helper.

In  the small town  I loved…in a church  I loved…among people  I loved, we stood up as one to lift up  this song of hope for one of our own in her grief at the passing of her mother. It was a poignant reminder that with God everything is made new. “Morning Has Broken” is a song of hope.

When you look around our world, Dear Reader, what fills you with wonder and amazement? What stirs hope in you that no matter what we may see or hear, we can be confident that God’s still in control, He’s never surprised, and He won’t let us fall?

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