Harvesting Psalms: In the Still of the Night

He will never let me stumble, slip, or fall. For he is always watching, never sleeping.

Psalm 121: 3  TLB

The holidays are getting ready to ramp up to full speed ahead, aren’t they, Dear Reader? Or hopefully at least racing more toward  our family traditions than last year.  Whatever your family holidays look like, there’s probably plenty of tasks to keep lots of hands busy.

This year I’ll definitely miss not having my extended family come to our home for Thanksgiving. Since downsizing, it would be a bit cramped at our new place for all of us. Besides, it was probably time to pass that torch to my daughter, Mary. What I won’t miss is spending every weekend from Halloween to Thanksgiving cleaning and cooking so I could theoretically spend more time with the fam.

As we’re wrapping up the fall series and preparing for Advent, I especially love this verse from Psalms (121: 3  TLB).  And this pic will probably always be one of my favorites of Adrienne (granddaughter #2). Have you been blessed by the love and comfort of sleeping in the arms of someone who cherishes you, Dear Reader? As someone who’s been plagued by nightmares and insomnia a good portion of my life, those moments seem like they’re next door to heaven.

I love the frenzy of family, shopping, decorating… this is probably my favorite time of year. Unfortunately, favorite certainly doesn’t mean infallable in the middle of the frenzy. My oldest niece reminded me recently of one of the first times our family gathered at hers and her new husband’s home for Christmas. I was supposed to bring only one thing, the turkey, AND I FORGOT. Yikes! Sondra even remembered what she miraculously pulled out of the fridge for us to have instead. 

I didn’t exactly stumble or fall, but it sure was embarassing. And I didn’t feel the hand of God amazingly catch my fumble, but Sondra came through with grace and generosity.  On a holiday weekend, with most stores closed, the Lord was still watching us. 

I know, it really wasn’t a big deal. No lives were saved or remarkably changed. There wasn’t a heroic rescue of a child from an overturned car. An anonymous benefactor didn’t step forward at the last minute to prevent a struggling family from being evicted. No big deal.

And maybe that’s exactly what makes it a big  deal. Just knowing the Lord doesn’t sleep or slumber, nor does He wait for a life or death situation to help… that’s the big deal. He’s God of the little things in life, too!

Dear Reader, in the wild and wonderful weeks ahead, I hope you will find moments of comfort and joy. Whether it’s in the middle of peeling ten pounds of potatoes or getting out Grandma’s china or in the still of the night, I pray  you’ll also find peace and rest in knowing our God never sleeps, and is always there to make sure you don’t stumble or fall.

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