How do I work this thing?

It didn’t seem like a big ask. I’m not stupid, people; I’m sitting on three, count’em, three college degrees. Granted, none of them is in engineering, but seriously, all I wanted to do was clean up the dishes.


Have you ever been with someone who just couldn’t seem to figure out how to do something that’s super simple for you? After a lot of sighing and eye rolling (you), and huffing and head scratching (him/her), you just wanted to smack one of you.

It’s not like I’ve never used a dishwasher; we’ve had several over the years. We’ve had basics to fully loaded. No problem.

I got passed the new basket configuration, a little awkward, but the dishes were loaded and that’s all that mattered. More buttons and choices that the one we purchased six months ago for the house we just sold, but nothing I hadn’t seen before.

Dishes loaded, check. Detergent in the right slot, check. Ready to close and start. Great. Finally time for bed on day three since the big move to our new home.

Expecting to find clean dishes the next morning, my mind was blown by spaghetti still stuck to some of them. What! How could the fancy two-armed dishwasher not get dishes as clean as my low-end model at the house?

I spent most of the day trying to figure out what went wrong.

Thank goodness I live with Handy-Man Tom, folks. He finally took a look then started the verbal checklist? 

“Did the door latch when you closed it?” Yep!
“Did the lights come on?” Sure did.
“Did you put in the detergent?” Of course. 
​”In the right slot?” Pretty sure.

“Did you push start?”

This is so embarrassing, Dear Reader!

In my haze of “how hard can this be?” and eyes crossed  from moving exhaustion, I never actually pushed “Start”. 

I know, “Waa, waa, waa”, right?

 Dear friend, pay close attention to this, my wisdom;
    listen very closely to the way I see it.
Then you’ll acquire a taste for good sense;
    what I tell you will keep you out of trouble.
​Proverbs 5: 1  MSG

Mama used to tell me I didn’t have a “lick of common sense” when I was growing up. Guess what, Dear Reader? Seems to me the greater portion of common sense is paying attention. Am I the only one out there getting into trouble because I didn’t pay attention?
Praying for a week full of clean dishes,

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