Jesus Boot Camp: Revelation

an enlightening or astonishing disclosure
Pre-natal technology has amazed me since Tom and I were starting our family. We were literally on the cutting edge.

Tom and I unexpectedly lost our first child to a congenital birth defect. That made me a candidate for the brand new sonogram procedure. I had no idea how great a blessing it would be.


Devastating grief and intense longing for another child held my heart in a vise-grip. 

I’ll never forget the day we went for our first sonogram. A positive pregnancy test, and confirmation by my doctor had barely loosened the grip. I was still afraid to hope.

“I think you’ll want to look at this,” my doctor grinned at the monitor, then at me. There she was! Everything where it was supposed to be and seemingly working fine. Wonder is putting it mildly.

Now a standard pregnancy procedure, that sonogram was nothing less than a heavenly revelation for me. It was just the assurance I needed to relax and focus positive energy on my Beautiful Baby Girl.

While Peter was still speaking, the shadow of a bright cloud passed over them. From the cloud a voice said, “This is my own dear Son, and I am pleased with him. Listen to what he says!” When the disciples heard the voice, they were so afraid that they fell flat on the ground. But Jesus came over and touched them. He said, “Get up and don’t be afraid!”
​Matthew 17:5-7  CEV

Dear Reader, have you ever spent endless hours, countless tears in prayer with no coherent answer? I think all of us have at some time or other.

And then a word from a friend, a Scripture passage you’ve read dozens of times, or a song you’ve sung along to flips the switch and the light comes on. The answer to your prayer has been there all along, ready and waiting for the Lord to reveal it in His perfect timing.

I love the final scene of decorating shows when the hosts have the “big reveal”. Do you think that’s kind of how God feels when He shares a revelation with us? You know, giddy, clapping, giggling with joy?

​Okay, maybe imagining the Creator of All Things being giddy might be a stretch. Imagining a loving, compassionate Father who rejoices when we choose to obey and enter fellowship with Him isn’t. And when He offers assurance through revelation, both He and we are blessed.

You said, “See, the Lord our God has shown us His glory and His greatness, and we have heard His voice from the midst of the fire. We have seen this day that God speaks with man, yet he lives.
​Deuteronomy 5:24  MEV

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  1. Jeanne Takenaka

    Alice, I love the picture you portray of God. I imagine He does have a big smile as we come upon that revelation, that revealing of His truth that we need right at that moment.
    I’m sorry you lost a child. I know it was years ago, but we never forget, do we? I love that you got to see your baby girl in the sonogram. I can understand your wonder. 🙂

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