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Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

“The humanity of The One to Come, the Traveler, is brilliantly captured and as the reader follows the journey that Jesus makes with his disciples, they uncover the depth of the man that He was. This novel presents Jesus as a man rooted in the culture of His time, dealing with tiredness, experiencing poverty and the yoke of political oppression, and a lot more…

 “The novel features many biblical references to substantiate the stories, and Alice V. Walters does an impeccable job in exploring the heart of Jesus, writing with intelligence about his relationships and his manner of dealing with the challenges he faced every day. Behind the Halo: Exploring the Humanity of Jesus will not only entertain readers but inspire them to see Jesus as likable and closer to their reality and to deepen their perspective of Him. I enjoyed the author’s deft handling of the characters, allowing the traits of Jesus’ companions to come out strongly in the narrative. “