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Behind the Halo

The humanity of The One to Come, the Traveler, is brilliantly captured and as the reader follows the journey that Jesus makes with his disciples, they uncover the depth of the man that He was. This novel presents Jesus as a man rooted in the culture of His time, dealing with tiredness, experiencing poverty and the yoke of political oppression, and a lot more…

 The novel features many biblical references to substantiate the stories, and Alice V. Walters does an impeccable job in exploring the heart of Jesus, writing with intelligence about his relationships and his manner of dealing with the challenges he faced every day. Behind the Halo: Exploring the Humanity of Jesus will not only entertain readers but inspire them to see Jesus as likable and closer to their reality and to deepen their perspective of Him. I enjoyed the author’s deft handling of the characters, allowing the traits of Jesus’ companions to come out strongly in the narrative. 

Video Reflections

Nearly Naked 3/26/21

There’s a short, but powerful scene near the end of the movie, “Quigley Down Under”. When the indigenous people who had been forced into servitude realise they have been freed, they do something that initially seems outrageous to us. As they are walking away from the ranch where they had been imprisoned, they begin stripping off the white man’s clothes they were forced to wear.

I’m an introvert. Couple that with being raised to be self-effacing, and let others recognize and laud our accomplishments. That all adds up to marketing being something to avoid at all cost. To put it plainly, tooting your own horn was simply not what a lady would ever want or need to do.

And yet here I am, painful as it seems, writing to you every chance I get, Dear Reader, and making videos. 

In a weird kind of way, I identify with the aborigines in the movie. It becomes much easier to let go when what lies beyond becomes more important than what lies behind.

I’m really proud of Behind the Halo, proud and humble. It has given me tremendous joy to work on this project which I believe the Lord placed on my heart, and inspired as I wrote. The manuscript is not letter perfect. Since submtting it to the publisher, I’ve been irritated to discover a few grammatical and syntaxic errors scattered about. Nevertheless, the message is true: if we struggle to connect with the divinity of Jesus, perhaps we can connect with his human side, the side with all the same emotions we have.

Dear Reader, I’ve been walking with the Lord (sometimes closer than others in the beginning) for several decades. I wouldn’t be arrogant enough to call myself a Bible scholar. However, I love God’s Word, spending time in and studying it. Even so, writing Behind the Halo has drawn me closer to Him in a richer, deeper way. That is my prayer for you, wherever you are in your personal journey: to be drawn into a closer relationship with Jesus.