Me Moments


Do you remember the L’Oreal commercials from several years ago? Gorgeous models brandishing their gorgeous hair? They gazed into their lovers’ eyes (cameras), and boldly stated, “…because I’m worth it!” With that simple statement, they both empowered and gave us permission to pamper ourselves.

Or maybe you remember the Calgon commercials:

Have you ever felt like that? Too many demands, not enough time, energy or resources, and no respite in sight. The holiday season, with all of our good intentions and generosity, seems ripe for stress.

A few weeks ago, our cat, Magellan, succumbed to diabetes. Since then, our cat, Maisie, has been even more affectionate and demanding of our attention. Nearly every time I sit down, she launches her sleek and pudgy body onto my lap. I had begun to get a little annoyed by her intrusions, especially at breakfast time.

Pushing back in the recliner with my oatmeal in the morning has been one small way I pamper myself. Apparently, Maisie thinks she needs pampering, and affection. 

I keep soft throws in the living room. A couple of irritating leg issues are eased by their warmth. A little weight on my legs also helps to calm them down. Enter Maisie.

What began as an annoyance has evolved into a bit of pampering for both of us. Now, I look forward to a few moments for me: mornings, Maisie and me. Who knew? Cat + Blankie + Recliner = Pampering & Peace

Have you pampered yourself lately? Maybe it’s a relaxing bath, or watching your favorite holiday movie without interruptions or distractions. Perhaps pampering for you is lunch with a friend or regular quiet time. 

Dear Reader, if you need a moment to just be taken away from hectic holiday plans and preparations, remind yourself that YOU’RE WORTH IT! What can you do for yourself in the next 24 hours? Go ahead, I dare you to indulge in a “me moment”.


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