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Gracie’s quilt is nearly done. The big work of putting the quilt top, batting, and backing together remains, and that’s okay. There’s plenty of time for Grandpa and I to do that before Gracie’s birthday in January.
Since beginning our quilting project, I’ve spent more money and time than I anticipated. I know, Dear Reader, a couple of weeks ago I was “bragging” about making a plan to avoid surprises. Oops!

I think I made five trips to Hobby Lobby, four to purchase additional fabric. So much for my measuring skills. Finally thought I had it all figured out until Tom and I began putting the top and batting together. Too much top and not enough batting. Yikes!

All this monitoring and trying to adjust was getting on my last nerve. Then I remembered the real reason for the project.

But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expectlife in its fullness until you overflow!
John 10: 10b  TPT


It doesn’t really matter how much or many resources I expend making a quilt with Gracie, Dear Reader. It’s all about legacy, adding to her growing legacy of love and family. 

​I’m so thankful for this summer with Gracie! My prayer is that every time she snuggles under her new quilt, she’ll remember how much she is loved and cherished.


And just to make sure life and love were full to overflowing, Gracie and I whipped up a pillow cover to match her quilt. But God wasn’t finished by a long shot.

While Gracie and I were sewing, Annalyn and Grandpa were assembling the new cabinet to better house the new sewing machine. SCORE!


And bonus points for  this side project. Do you have any adolescent girls in your life, Dear Reader? They seem to be on one end of the empowerment spectrum or the other. Annalyn needs as much encouragement as we can give her. I’m pretty sure Grandpa and I could have put the cabinet together, but we’ll just call this a mini-lesson in legacy. Hopefully, Annalyn got a mega-dose of love and feeling cherished while helping us out.

What’s your family’s legacy, Dear Reader? It’s probably not something we think about often. Perhaps the next time we have a moment of overflowing blessings, we can praise God for what He’s not only blessing us with right now, but what He is adding to our family legacy. 

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