My New Glasses

A couple of years ago I had cataract surgery. It was great! After wearing glasses all the time since third grade, I loved being lens free most of the time.

Because of a surgery timing fluke, I could now see well far away, and the computer screen, one eye for each. I did have to get bifocals to read upclose that also had enough correction in the top lens so both eyes worked together for driving. 

Our new optometrist prescribed just readers. Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that when wearing my new glasses, I could read just fine, but EVERYTHING ELSE was blurred together.

Dear Reader, my tech and marketing coach taught me a  lot and worked really hard when we were building this new website. But guess what? This isn’t the “field of dreams”; just because you build a website doesn’t mean your tribe will come. I’m embarassed to admit my vision for Allie’s Praise had gotten blurry.

Here’s the thing, I really, REALLY love Jesus, and I want to share some of the cool ways He enjoys loving on His kids. And my most favorite thing to do is write…for you!

For the last few weeks, I’ve been researching on when to post, what to post, where to post. I even made a color-coded social media calendar (no OCP here). I was trying to figure out the best way for me to write and share about Jesus. But to tell you the truth, your responses on the Reader Survey, Dear Reader, have been more helpful than all the research. A HUGE thank you!

(In case you haven’t had a chance to let me know what works for you on the Reader Survey, just click the turquoise button below to share your input now.)

Anyway, I tried to write this post three times. And really, it got worse every time I rewrote it. Bummer! So I’m refocusing on what my tagline says: is about faith, hope, and humor, you know, life with Jesus. That’s the kind of encouragement I want you to find at

Since scheduling this post, my manuscript has gone into hyper-drive with new title and new launch date. Dear Reader, I’m so excited to share that Behind the Halo: Exploring the Humanity of Jesus will launch on Monday, June 14, 2021.  Trust me, life has become more jam-packed with faith, hope, and yes, humor than ever before.

Keep up with the nitty-gritty of Behind the Halo‘s pre-launch adventures by checking out the videos under the “Behind the Halo Book” tab. And just to whet your appetite, a few of my favorite stories from Behind the Halo will be spotlighted in this space starting Friday, April 30 

Thanks for joining me on the journey, Dear Reader! I look forward to us deepening our faith and hope, appreciating a bit of humor along the way.  BTW, keep your eyes open for a brand new giveaway coming soon. Blessings!

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