Choosing Joy (and Oatmeal?)


I’ve been cranky lately. To tell you the truth, my attitude has sucked!  Don’t know exactly why.

Even though I was sorely disappointed that my extended family’s Thanksgiving was canceled due to icy roads, this witch was already on her broom before then.

Maybe it’s been the succession of dreary, shorter days. Perhaps it’s being off my routine. (Yes, can we say “anal”?)

I usually LOVE  the holidays, with all its music, decorations, special dishes and tv programs. I won’t say I’ve been a Grinch, but maybe a not too distant relative.

Just to confirm my tendency towards being anal, I typically eat the same thing for breakfast every Monday thru Friday. On Sunday, I cook a big pot of oatmeal ON THE STOVE, then add things I like and are mostly healthy for me. Things like raisins, nuts, cinnamon, brown sugar, and coconut. Let me tell you, a bowl of that nuked with a little milk keeps me going at school and home. It also reminds me of Mama.

After the crazy days of Thanksgiving, non-Thanksgiving, and immediately followed by a conference, I was thrilled to dip into a bowl of breakfast bounty.  I know this sounds dorky, but holding that warm bowl, wafting in the sweet, fruity, cinnamony fragrance brought a little comfort to my soul.


Back track a little, and pardon my swag, please. Mary’s book Choose Joy comes out January 5. As a proud partner of her Launch Team I get to read the book before it goes on sale. Yeah!!! Choosing Joy, that’s just what I needed to infuse my spirit. But it wasn’t working….. so then I really got cranky.

While I was thrilled for Mary, I was still out of sorts. Then the oatmeal hit me! (Well, not literally, but you get my meaning.)

As I was warming my last stored bowl of the tasty treasure, I ridiculously said to Tom, the cat, whoever, “I’ve missed my oatmeal!”

Pretty lame, huh? But this is what it taught me: like in Mary and Sara’s book, life is about choices, deliberate choices. 

It’s about deliberate choices that affect all parts of our personal humanity, soul, spirit, tummies.  Once I was able to wrap my head around that, everything else seemed to improve.

What works for me is knowing we are wondrously wrought (Psalm 139: 14-16). God knows us inside and out, including our every need. He doesn’t fault His children for being the way we were created.

What need do you need to feed? Listen…LISTEN! He’s whispering His love and care for you. And He’s saying “It’s okay for you to love and care for yourself, too!”

I’m linking this post to Giving Up on Perfect and Coffee for Your Heart.

0 thoughts on “Choosing Joy (and Oatmeal?)”

  1. I love your honesty here!
    We are wondrously wrought with joy.
    We are having to enjoy the “suck” and the “sweet.”
    Hope you oatmeal is good today.
    Off to make some for myself and my son. You inspired me! Jenn

  2. It’s funny how the simplest routines can bring us such comfort and joy! Glad to have you as a launch sister! Thanks for linking up! #FridayFive

  3. Sisters, please pardon my delinquent reply. Discovering them anew today blessed my heart all over again! I pray you find joy and comfort in the ordinary of today’s moments.

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