The Power of Perspective: Glorious or Gut-Wrenching

The power of perspective  influences our lives, doesn’t it, Dear Reader? I began learning about perspectives in life when I was about eight years old.

During elementary school, my brother, Buddy, and I had to walk along a busy two lane highway to get to school. Along the way, we discovered roadkill.

Fresh roadkill can be a bit gut-wrenching, literally. I never lost my cookies, but came close a couple of times. Nevertheless, Buddy and I became fascinated by the flat, dried carcasses, especially frogs. And why wouldn’t we? This was pre-cable/streaming, so no NatGeo, Animal Planet, or Discovery channels. As a result . . . 

  curious kids

+ opportunity

+ a little science knowledge


walks to school became science lessons.

Most of the critters Buddy and I observed became silvery and iridescent as they dried from the heat of traffic and sunlight. Passing travelers’ perspectives of roadkill were probably disgust as they rode by  in the squeaky clean safety of their  vehicles. Not us! The power of perspective, through lens of childhood wonder and exploration, allowed us to be intrigued by the glorious beauty that lay within.

After that school year our family moved to a nearby city. I didn’t think about roadkill again until high school biology. When it came time to dissect frogs, some students became squeamish. Students turning as green as the frogs and the squeals reminded me of  the power of  perspectitive.  And I was still fascinated with the vibrant colors of the frog’s organs. Maybe the city kids had never encountered roadkill up close and personal. It was obvious we didn’t share the same perspective.

God’s Word and His promises can be be like that, too, can’t they, Dear Reader? Gut-wrenching or glorious is in the eye of the beholder, depending on her unique perspective. 

To me, the power of perspective comes from realizing the Lord has all things perfectly aligned to His promises for us. That includes experiences . . . perspectives . . . influences . . . all perfectly lined up with His promises.

In Jesus we hear a resounding “yes” to all of God’s many promises. This is the reason we say “Amen” to and through Jesus when giving glory to God.

2 Corinthians 1: 20  VOICE

The Bible is rich with God’s promises to His children. They may seem flattened out and nearly unrecognizable at times. There might be times when it’s easier to hurry past the promises God has laid out for us on our way to where we want to go. Maybe we’re afraid to look closely because we’re not sure what we’ll see, afraid they may include gut-wrenching decisions.

Like endless roadkill along the highway, God never runs out of promises for His children. Unlike roadkill, God’s promises are full of hope and opportunities to bring Him and His Kingdom glory. I believe God wants us to look a little closer at His promises, and accept on faith His glorious work within.

Not one of all the good promises which the Lord had made to the house of Israel had failed; all came to pass.

Joshua 21: 45  RSV

How does the power of perspective change when I overlook or hurry past God's glorious promises in His Word in fear that they may be gut-wrenching?

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