Simple Pleasure: Lap Warmer

Have you seen the weighted blankets that came out for the gift-giving season? Why didn’t these simple pleasures hit the market sooner?

Having worked with kids for years, I learned that some children respond well to wearing a weighted vest. Somehow it seems to soothe them. If you deal with RLS (restless leg syndrome) like me…

PictureMagellan wasn’t happy about being disturbed. Sadly, diabetes made even lap and nap time uncomfortable.

maybe you’ve also discovered that the extra weight of a quilt makes a huge difference.

One of my simple pleasures is a home-grown remedy. 

No, it’s not some herbal concoction. No mixing or measuring, but it does require a little preparation. My simple pleasure is a lap warmer that won’t appeal to everyone.

We’re cat people in our house (although Tom is loathe to admit it). For years we were a two cat family. It’s been good news, bad news since our cat, Magellan, passed away three years ago. 

Looking forward to downsizing and moving, we decided to only get a new cat if Maisie seemed lonely. The good news is she never did. The bad news is she has become VERY attached. 


As days have grown cooler, I have enjoyed my furry lap warmer more and more. The combination of her “weighted” tummy, purring, and warmth is incredibly soothing to me. 

Lap time being a simple pleasure is also a reminder that so often I get busy or distracted and don’t notice the simple pleasures the Lord places all around me.

I know it’s kind of early, but I’m sitting here watching “The Bishop’s Wife”. There’s hot chocolate in a great insulated cup from a dear friend sitting on the table beside me. None of them are a big deal, just simple pleasures shared by a loving Heavenly Father.

Look around the room, Dear Reader. What do your senses hone in on? Perhaps it’s the sugar cookie fragrance of a candle. Or maybe Michael W. Smith on Pandora. Maybe bright maple leaves starting to drift by windows. They’re like tiny kisses God breathes onto our weary foreheads, aren’t they?

For God alone my soul waits in silence and quietly submits to Him, For my hope is from Him.
Psalm 62: 5 AMP

Dear, Dear Reader, whatever your circumstances or environment, I hope you’ll notice something new today. I hope the ordinary, dare we say the mundane, suddenly become a simple pleasure meant especially for you.

In case no one has told you recently, Dear Reader, you are special, you are loved. Each smile, each whistle, each second glance you cast toward a frog or God’s endless canvas above is much more than a simple pleasure to Him. They are an absolute joy!

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