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Annalyn and I were making strawberry jam recently, talking about the important things that an almost teenager and her doting grandparent care about.

​In the mix, I told her that God cares about EVERYTHING we care about, no matter how small. The very next day, He made sure I was keeping that lesson up close and personal. 


My laptop seemed to be on its last leg, bumping and grinding a little more every day. Barely gasping for air, it finally seemed to bite the dust. With a vacation quickly coming up it didn’t seem a good time to sink money into a new laptop.

I had to use the desktop that I have a love-hate relationship. We barely had it out of the box last year, when getting a Total Tech Support plan with Best Buy was needed. I hadn’t given it much thought since purchasing it.

Then in the midst of applying for jobs online, the printer jammed. Seriously, I was trying to load paper, and the darn thing reached out and grabbed the whole stack. 

Tom and I both tried to wrench the paper out to no avail. Info online said try this and that, and if those don’t work, better take it in for repair. Of course it did on a very hot Sunday of 4th of July weekend.

Our vacation was only days away, but we gritted our teeth and trekked to Best Buy with the laptop and printer. I gotta tell you, Dear Reader, I felt like I was walking in with a big red L on my forehead going in with two non-functioning devices. 

Have you ever felt like that, Dear Reader? Something’s broke and you just can’t figure out how to fix it?

10 I have relied on you since the day I was born,
    and you have always been my God.
11 Do not stay away from me!
    Trouble is near,
    and there is no one to help.
Psalm 22: 10-11  GNT


Guess what, Dear Reader? God doesn’t take holidays or weekends off. On the way to Best Buy, Tom and I were praying for favor in the marketplace. And He was listening.

Not only did we have exceptionally congenial and knowledgeable tech, but God overlooked our ineptness and embarrassment to come through in a big way. Both the laptop and printer were fixable, and because we had purchased a Total Tech Support plan last August, both were fully covered at no cost. SWEET!!!

Have you ever been ready to throw in the towel, Dear Reader, and the Lord comes charging in like the cavalry? Personally, I think He loves showing up especially when we are finally willing to give up.

​And maybe, just maybe, God’s more than willing to meet us in that place of desperation with Total Support because of what happened at Cavalry. 

P.S. Dear Reader, just in case no one has told you today, you are outrageously loved and infinitely blessed!

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