We have how much left?

Tom and I buy groceries once a month. Our monthly system has worked pretty well for about thirty years. Or at least it did until a few weeks ago.


Are you a box store shopper, Dear Reader? More than once, we’ve fill our entire cargo space just with paper goods. 

It seemed like a good idea at the time to postpone our monthly grocery shopping until we were moved into our new home. Then we moved and Mary asked where the rest of the groceries were.

Mary’s a lot more aware of current events than me. Unlike us, she hasn’t cut the cable, and was keeping tabs on the news. Mary had already been stocking up and knew some items were already getting hard to find.

We’re barely in the front door and can hardly find the bathrooms yet. And guess what we were running low on?

Yep, you got it: toilet paper! Yikes! So much for being efficient movers and shoppers, right?

Mary’s an online grocery shopper and not a big fan of actually going into Walmart unless it’s an emergency. Bless her sweet heart, she thought Mom and Dad running out of toilet paper when our city was shutting down was an emergency.

Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.
​Romans 12: 13  NIV

Dear Reader, have you ever been running low on something and a friend or neighbor stepped up to help you out? Jesus may not be likely to show up with that cup of sugar or toilet paper you need, but I’m pretty sure He still loves it when we rely on Him to meet our daily needs.
Prayers for a week of sunshine and blessings!

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