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Welcome to Allie’s Praise!

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Thanks for stopping by, Dear Reader! I’m Alice and I love to write. My joy is found in Jesus and finding ways to encourage His kids. (You’ll find a few of them in the “About” and “Books & such” tabs.)

My prayer is that if you need a faith booster, a chuckle, or a dose of hope you’ll be able to find it at Allie’s Praise. Looking for ways for us to connect? Just take a look below.

Somethings you can find here:
BLOG: A Way with Words … finding Christ in a regular world
BLOG: Is this my tribe?… how I came to love my homies
A little about me … what faith & works look like for me
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One Word 365 … Still/2020
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​Recent Blog Posts

Jesus Boot Camp: A
Lenten Series

Dear Reader, I love the season of Lent! I love how it draws me into the ministry and fellowship of being called by Jesus in an intimate way. Lent makes me slow down and really reflect on what it means to me to be a Christ-follower. 

Cutting Up

Once in a while I’d hear teachers, in hushed voices, talk about a student “cutting”. What was that? Cutting class, cutting up homework, cutting someone’s hair? 

Obviously, I was clueless.


What I’m loving
these days is…

Something I’ve
​ learned lately is…

  • The number of packing boxes needed is in the eye of the mover.
  • Hydrangeas can last beautifully for a couple of weeks.
  • Palm trees are REALLY thirsty plants/trees!

I’m looking
​forward to…​

  • Our annual Friends & Family Tea
  • Being moved into our new home
  • ​Round two of purging/downsizing
  • James’ high school production of “Mary Poppins”