What’s in your lap?


I took a seventeen year hiatus from college before returning. When James started kindergarten, I started back to college. Nearly every time I sat down, there was a textbook and its partners on my lap.

Since graduating with my bachelor’s degree, I’ve worked for school districts. Papers, and more papers, and eventually the addition of digital record keeping and lesson planning.

And then grad school times two. More textbooks, and laptop on the lap, even on vacations. By this time, it didn’t feel right if there wasn’t something on my lap.

And I’d do it all again. Getting my first degree, and starting on a career, started the ball rolling toward our kids having more opportunities than they may have had otherwise.

After a couple of decades of books and laptops, priorities have shifted into a more fun direction. As often as possible, there’s a granddaughter on my lap. 


When Annalyn and Gracie aren’t around, there’s something new in my lap. We’re looking forward to a new granddaughter early next year, so I’m crocheting an afghan for her. I tell myself she’ll keep it forever and remember that Allie loved her before she took a breath.

What’s on your lap, Dear Reader? I’ve concluded that what frequently lands on my lap is what’s important to me at the time. And it’s okay if it changes over time.

Jesus gave his disciples a pretty good barometer for figuring out what’s important.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Luke 12:34 AMP

Long before Jesus taught his disciples, the prophet Isaiah told us plainly what real treasure is:

And He will be the security and stability of your times,
A treasure of salvation, wisdom and knowledge;
The fear of the Lord is your treasure.
Isaiah 33:6 AMP

Dear Reader, I could tell you what occupies my lap, my top priority, is quiet time with God’s Word open and ready for sweet communion with him. I could, but it wouldn’t be truthful.

I can truthfully tell you that his Word reveals peace, power, and reminders of what’s important in his Kingdom. It also tells us of his abiding love and forgiving nature. I know he looks upon my heart, and not just my lap. On those crazy days when I don’t even seem to see my lap, I know he still loves me and he knows I love him. 

​What about you, Dear Reader? What’s on your lap these days? 

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