Who’s running the show?

I’ve stuck to this one, Dear Reader, even after Mama passed I could hear her voice in my head. Premier rule of moving: make sure the curtains are up before you lay your head down in the new home. (No OCD in this fam!)
And then, I didn’t. It’s a new chapter and maybe it’s about time I put on my big girl panties and figure it out myself. Except figuring it out seemed elusive.

Tom and I haven’t rented in years, but our son does. He encouraged us to use Command hooks and strips to avoid fees later. Good idea, unless…

  • you don’t count to see how many you need and stockpile;
  • you try to stretch the weight limit;
  • you don’t actually weigh heavier items.


Enter the drapes. I really liked these drapes.

  1. 1. They matched the color palette.
  2. 2.They buffered weather extremes.
  3. 3. They were kinda out of the box for me.

So, Day 3 in the new place (I’m sure Mama was rolling in her grave.) I started putting up curtains. Curtains in the study on double windows, up and looking great No prob. 

Okay, living area has single windows. Should be a breeze, right?  Drapes went up, looked great. Woo-hoo!

Oops! Wait, no…NOOO! It was the same exact hooks as in the study. I reread the directions. What’s the deal?

Here’s the thing, these hooks only come with one adhesive strip. One. Uno. What’s that about?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so thankful for online shopping and at home delivery. Really, I am. And the first time I had to reorder the strips, I was patient…for 10 days. The second time…oh, Dear Reader, it’s embarrassing. Who was running the show? Me? Mama’s voice in my head? Amazon? FedEx?

Yes, I know I’ve got it really good during the shut down. I think I’m typically understanding and empathetic. It’s only curtains, for crying out loud. 

 Unfortunately, when I chose to take the drapes to the new home, I didn’t think about their weight… BIG MISTAKE! After three rounds of drapes falling off the wall, twice in the middle of the night, Tom was done.

Just when I was at my wits’ end over something really not important, Tom stepped up. He had the curtain rod brackets installed in no time and the drapes finally look terrific (and haven’t fallen down a single time).

Take away my foolish desires, and let me find life
    by walking with you.
​Psalm 119: 37  CEV


Dear Reader, have you ever let the trivial get blown up out of proportion? Wowzers! By the time Tom got the drapes up I felt pretty stupid. God is so patient and amazing that He’ll even use something as mundane as curtains to get our attention.

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